Chaos is a graph processing system for analytics on big graphs using small clusters. Chaos builds on the X-Stream single-machine graph processing system, but scales out to multiple machines. Chaos treats the aggregate storage of all machines as a single flat disk and uses work stealing to balance the load across nodes in the cluster.


X-Stream is a graph processing system for analytics on big graphs using a single machine. X-Stream is based on the philosophy that sequential access to data works best for all types of storage: it reorganizes graph computations to stream edges from secondary storage.


RADAR is an automated diagnosis and troubleshooting tool for cloud services. Cloud-based service providers often struggle with diagnosis and troubleshooting in large and complex multi-provider SOA infrastructure. RADAR leverages a knowledge base of failures, learning algorithms, and other proprietary techniques to quickly pinpoint the root cause of problems and in most cases automatically fix them before they can affect end users.

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Open Source ERP built for the Web.


Open Source Bulletin Board software.


Augmented Reality Engine

First augmented reality engine for Android.

Scarface General Game Player

Software capable of playing any game (e.g., chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe) based only on a runtime-supplied description of the rules. Written in Scala.

Pegasus Chess Engine

Java-based chess engine using techniques such as bitboards, alpha-beta pruning minimax search, quiescence search, and opening books.

Secure SMS

SMS application which transparently encrypts messages.