Getting Boostrap Popovers to play nice with Ember and Handlebars

Sep 7, 2012

I love Twitter Bootstrap: it’s a great framework for web front-ends and it has been a life safer ever since I downloaded the 1.0 version over a year ago. The power and acceleration it provides to web application development easily justifies why it is the most popular project on GitHub.

I recently stumbled upon Ember.js during a market study on JavaScript MVX frameworks. My company needed to build an AJAX front-end to one of our cloud services and I was trying to determine whether I should stick with the good old Backbone.js or go for something newer. (I’d actually met with Ember a while ago, back when it was called Sproutcore. I must admit that back then, I couldn’t really see the value in client-side MVC frameworks.

Eventually, I decided to go with Ember, despite the fact that it wasn’t entirely production-ready (today, most of the rough edges can actually be attributed to the Ember Data library).

I coded away for a couple of weeks until I decided it would make sense to add a few tooltips and popovers here and there. So I added the required attributes to the element and activated the two plugin via a jQuery selector. I ran the application and… surprise… it wasn’t working!

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