OK, that’s not really what I had in mind for the first blog post on my new website, but I think it may be useful to other HTC Desire HD owners. It should also apply to US variants (Inspire 4G and Thunderbolt) and possibly other phones with a similar SIM slot design.

A week ago, Swisscom (my mobile carrier — I live in Switzerland) in their infinite wisdom decided to replace my SIM card with the newer and smaller micro SIM card. Now, as far as I know, the only phone available in Switzerland which uses a micro SIM card is the iPhone. But since I don’t have an iPhone, go figure why my carrier thought I needed a micro card. Thankfully, they also sent me an adapter for the new micro SIM, so I could still use it in my phone.

So I dutifully replaced my old SIM card with new one in the phone. It went fine for a couple of days until I tried to take it out: the brand new micro SIM and its adapter were stuck in the SIM slot! Uh-oh!

I have to wonder how the folks over at Swisscom can decide to replace SIM cards without even testing that new ones fit in every phone they offer on a contract (full disclosure: I didn’t actually buy my HTC at Swisscom, but they are selling the very same model)…

Anyhow, I finally came up with a way of extracting the card from my phone, which should work for anyone else with the same problem (note: I cannot be held accountable if you break your phone in the process — I doubt you’d be able to pass it off as ‘accidental damage’ if you actually break it…).

Here it goes:

First off, pull the battery (I doubt you’ll come out of this with a new ‘hair style’, but it might damage the phone, so better safe than sorry). Then take a very thin knife or piece of plastic (I used a swiss knife, but you may be able to use a small dessert knife or even an iPhone sim tray opener) and slowly insert it between the SIM card and the connectors on the phone. You will want to do this slowly to avoid scratching the connectors. It doesn’t need to go all the way: the idea is to press the SIM card against the adapter so both will come out when you pull (instead of having the SIM card, floating in the slot and blocking the removal). If you do this right, you should normally be able to remove the SIM card and the adapter without damage.

If by chance you happen to catch this blog post before you make the same mistake I did, or if you still want to use your micro SIM card with an HTC DHD, I would suggest you put a small sticker or a piece of tape on the back of the SIM adapter and make sure your SIM card is properly sticking to it before you insert it in your phone. I’ve done just that since then and so far haven’t run into any more problems to get my SIM card out.